Some of the many we’ve received…

Love Your Socks

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you what a fantastic pair of socks you make. I have been wearing boots for some time now and have tried many brands of socks that fit above the calf. Of course, the first few times I wore them, they felt great. But, as they were worn and washed many times, they lost the cushion in the heal, thus making them uncomfortable to wear. They eventually ended up in the dust rag bag. While at my favorite western store, it was suggested I try Dan Post’s “Over the Calf’ socks.When I first tried them on, I could feel the difference right away due to the arch, ankle and above the calf elastic support.They have stood up to multiple washes and feel as comfortable now as the first time I tried them on. I have since purchased more to last me through the week. My wife says she likes the unmistakable logo on the sock make it easy to match up in the laundry. Please pass this on to your customer relations department and keep up the good work.

— John S.

We really like the quality of Dan Post socks; much better than anything I have had on my feet so far..

— Chris M.

I purchased a pair of the Cowgirl Certified socks from a booth at the NFR. I absolutely LOVE them. Can you tell me where I can order them. I live out a ways so I do a lot of ordering online.

— Marlene M.

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your [Cowboy Certified] Over the Calf socks. I have tried many other brands and have now found the sock that is right for me. I still have the very first pair I purchased and they fit as well as when I first put them on. The elastic has stood up to many washings and have never slipped down into my boot. I have told many of my friends about the mand they have tried them with the same results.Keep up the great quality and work.Thank you

— John C